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Bullying is a long-standing problem that is just beginning to get the recognition it deserves.  Though often dismissed by adults as a harmless rite of passage, bullying can be just as damaging as any other form of child abuse.  The following free resources will help parents, teachers, and other professionals stop this peer-to-peer cruelty and effectively deal with bullying situations that arise.

Bullying Information & Resources for Parents & Teachers

Get your copy of our bullying e-book which includes extended bonus material with additional resources to help kids for just $2.99. (Proceeds go to kids in need.) Or browse our online information below.

Bullying Books & Publications for Kids

Bullying Worksheets for Kids

Loosers Like Them

This 5 page handout helps teens understand how to deal with the hurtful things others say to us.

Free Bullying Brochures & Handouts
Free information brochures for teachers, schools, and professional organizations.

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