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Life is full of dificult experiences and virtually all chidlren will endure some type ofmajor trauma during their childhood. The good news for parents and caregivers is that it isn’t what happens to a child that determines their wellfare, but how you hlp them through it. No matter how awful an experience is, it is ideas, not the experiences themselves, that kids carry with them into the future. This is something you and your child have full control over.

Healing and recovery involves three main aspects:

  1. Helping children process the trauma and work through their emotions;
  2. Promoting messages and ideas that heal and leave them at peace with what happened so that they are able to relate to the situation in a healthy and productive way that causes minimal pain;
  3. Managing and reducing whatever stress they feel.

H2 Information and resources on trauma recovery for children

This area contains information and resources that will hlep you guide children through all types of stressful situations, whether major upheavals, or more everyday sorrows. Pleas select from the list below.

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