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It may seem at times like siblings were born to bicker with each other. Anytime you have two or more children living under the same roof, issues of fairness, favoritism, jealousy, and sibling rivalry are bound to crop up.

Many parents think of sibling rivalry and sibling fighting in the same light, but they are actually two distinct issues. Sibling rivalry often leads to fighting, but it can also be more low-key; something that festers underneath the surface without creating open conflict.

Although some degree of sibling rivalry is natural, there are also a number of ways parents inadvertently provide fuel to this feuding through their actions and behavior. This information provides crucial advice that will help you alleviate the tension between siblings and keep your household running smoothly.

Information on sibling rivalry


Separate but fair (eBook)

Parents often drive themselves nuts trying to ensure equal treatment between their kids in every facet of life. This chapter will teach parents how to instill the concept that fairness does not always perfectly equitable treatment, so that kids don’t expect to be treated exactly the same as their sibling.

Labeling and comparing kids (eBook)

Parents frequently (and inadvertently) label and compare their children to one another. In our eBook we show the subtle ways in which parents do this and offer tips to help reverse this trend of sibling comparison.

Parental favoritism

  • When parents show favoritism
  • Why parents have favorites (eBook)
  • Dealing with favoritism (eBook)
  • Talking to kids about favoritism (eBook)
  • How to overcome thoughts of favoritism (eBook)
  • Little Miss Goody Two-Shoes: Protecting the favored child from the burden of too much praise (eBook)


Bringing a new baby into the family

  • Preparing kids for the arrival of a new baby
  • Sibling aggression towards a baby (eBook)
  • Dealing with jealousy of the new baby and other behavioral problems (eBook)
  • Regression to baby-like behaviors in older brothers and sisters (eBook)


Parenting resources to deal with sibling rivalry/jealousy

That’s not fair!

A printable coloring book that teaches children about issues of fairness.

New baby book

A printable coloring book that deals with jealousy over a new baby.


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