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These worksheets are designed for kids in preschool and elementary school, and promote different concepts related to moods, feelings, and emotional intelligence. Use them often with your kids, and you’ll have more emotionally intelligent children in no time at all!








Sample of Anger Spelling Worksheet

Practice writing the spelling & vocabulary words in the space on the right, then read the word descriptions.




Dealing With Anger Worksheet
This two-page printable focuses on proper ways to deal with anger. Appropriate for kids of all age; younger children will need adult assistance.






Fear & Understanding Worksheet
This 3 page printable talks about how people/things become less scary once we get to know more about them. Recommended for grades 3 through 6.


Understanding Fear Spelling Pre-K to Kindergarten

Understanding Fear Spelling Grade 1-2

Understanding Fear Spelling Grade 3-4

Understanding Fear Spelling Grade 5-6


A Right to Happiness

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