The Many Mirrors of Truth
A Children’s Book on Perspective

Based on an ancient Arabian fable, this 8-page printable coloring book uses a fun story to teach children about perspective. Kids will learn how different people can see the world in entirely different ways, while helping them understand the importance of seeking out other viewpoints. It’s a must-read for every child – great for teaching social intelligence and also for helping kids process the hurtful actions of others.

Many Mirrors of Truth– A Social Intelligence Coloring Book





Many Mirrors of Truth Printable Worksheet-
Understanding Pain

Many Mirrors of Hurt Worksheet

This 4 page worksheet takes the parables taught in Many Mirrors of Truth and applies them specifically to the topic of pain and why others do hurtful things. It’s a great exercise for parents and teachers looking to promote empathy and understanding, and also a good activity to help children cope with a recent hurt in their lives.

Many Mirrors of Perception Worksheet
This 3 page worksheet is designed for classroom use (it requires a partner) and is meant to expand upon the concepts of knowledge and perception discussed in the book.