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There are a few basic tips to ensuring a child’s ear-piercing is done safely:

1. Find a professional. Piercing at home may seem cheaper and more convenient, but it often leads to unintended problems, such as infections or an incompletely pierced hole. It’s better to spend the money to have it done right the first time. Plus, it may go smoother with a stranger rather than with you. Some pediatricians may offer the procedure. Otherwise, look for a licensed jewelry store that does.

2. Make sure your piercer washes her hands, uses a sanitizing gel and wears gloves. They should also wipe the ears with a disinfectant after the procedure.

3. Always install earrings with a gold posts after piercing, since gold is less likely to cause swelling and is generally more accepted by the body. Other types of metals may cause irritation or allergic reactions. Gold and sterling silver tend to be metals that avoid irritation in most people.

4. Twice a day for the first week or so, swab the ears with rubbing alcohol and gently rotate the earrings to ensure the piercing takes hold.

5. After the piercing is well established, remember to maintain it. The hole will close up if it goes too long without use.

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