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Talking to kids is something every parent and educator does on a daily basis, but it’s also something most of us put very little though into.  Weather you’re a parent or teacher, the information herein will help you establish better ways of communicating with your children.   We’ll show you different techniques for talking to kids that will make everything from discipline to everyday conversations much easier.  Browse by the topics below to read our free online information, or scroll to the bottom of the page to get the complete e-book version, which is loaded with material that you can’t get online.


Talking To Kids: General Principles for Better Parent-Child Communication

Additional information on communicating with children

Small changes in the way you communicate with children can lead to dramatic differences in how well your kids listen and behave. Don’t make parenting harder than it needs to be! Get our eBook +Talking To Kids (and Getting Results),+ which features much more extensive information on parent-child communication, including…

  • *Why kids develop parent deafness
  • *How to get kids to listen better
  • *Using solution-oriented speech
  • *Switching to a more positive, encouraging communication style
  • *Dialogue that expands your child’s intelligence
  • *Plus much more.

It’s just ___, and all proceeds from your purchase go to help kids in need.

Talking to kids about specific topics

If you’re looking for advice on how to talk with kids about specific topics, such as sex, drugs or school shootings, select from the following topics below. (These links will take you to other areas of our site.)

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