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Nausea and vomiting are a normal part of any person’s life. But as with a fever, too much vomiting can also be dangerous.

Treating vomiting in infants under 1 year:

  • Avoid giving plain water, unless directed by a doctor
  • Consult your pediatrician for specific advice

Treating vomiting in children 1 and older

  • Give clear liquids in small amounts every 15 minutes. Some things that are acceptable are ice chips or sips of water, flavored electrolyte solutions such as Gatorade, or frozen electrolyte popsicles.

  • Avoid milk and milk products.

  • If your child vomits, start over by offering a smaller amount of fluid.

  • Do not force food. Allow your child to eat as he or she desires.

  • Offer your child mild foods such as soups, crackers, toast, mashed potatoes, rice, or breads.

  • Call your doctor immediately if your child shows any signs of dehydration as listed earlier.

  • Also call immediately if your child is vomiting blood, (blood that mixes with stomach acid will be brownish and look like coffee grounds), or if vomiting seems to be induced without any other normal symptoms that would typically accompany normal illness or the flu.

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