Welcome to our child safety pages! Within this section you’ll find information and resources on many different child safety topics. Our goal is to make safety training a fun, simple and painless process; educating families on the important issues without needlessly scaring children. We have many free resources that make teaching your children how to be safe as simple as reading a book, doing a fun activity, or sitting down to color a worksheet. These materials should give your kids the necessary knowledge to help keep themselves safe and provide you with some much needed peace of mind.

Child Safety Information For Parents

Information and tips for parents regarding all aspects of child safety, from abduction prevention to household dangers and everything else in between.

Child Safety Resources

In addition to the information linked above, we have a variety of child safety resources for our parents and teachers to educate their children on these issues.

Kids Books That Teach Child Safety

The following books are designed to make safety education a breeze. Each one teaches an important concept in child safety. Some are available in a printable PDF version: Others are available in a free or low cost Kindle Book format.

Be Safe With Fire  —– Be Safe With Fire printable book

Helmet Head  —–  Helmet Head printable book

How Not To Get Runned Over  —–  How Not To Get ‘Runned’ Over printable book

How to Get Away From A Stranger  —– How To Get Away From A Stranger printable book

In A Fire  —– In A Fire printable book

Is This A Toy  —–  Is This A Toy printable book

Lost  —– Lost printable book

Stranger Danger  —– How to get Away from a Stranger printable book

Street Smart Kid  —–  Street Smart Kid printable book

The Day My House Catched Fires  —– The Day My House Catched Fires printable book

Water Safety Book  —– Water Safety printable book

What Bigger Kids Can Do  —– What Bigger Kids Can Do printable book

What Doggy’s Do  —– What Doggy’s Do printable book

Wheels 101  —–  Wheels 101 printable book

Why Do We Wear Our Seatbelts?  —– Why Do We Wear Our Seatbelts? printable book