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Welcome to our child safety pages! Within this section you’ll find information and resources on all different topics; everything you need to ensure your child’s safety. Our goal is to make safety training a fun, simple and painless process; educating families on the important issues without needlessly scaring children. We have many free resources that make teaching your children how to be safe as simple as reading a book, doing a fun activity, or sitting down to color a worksheet. These materials should give your kids the necessary knowledge to help keep themselves safe and provide you with some much needed peace of mind.

Child Injury & Accident Prevention Information For Parents

Information and tips for parents regarding all aspects of child safety, from abduction prevention to household dangers and everything else in between.

Child Safety Resources

In addition to the information linked above, we have a variety of child safety resources for our parents and teachers to educate their children on these issues.

Kids Books That Teach Child Safety

The following books are designed to make safety education a breeze. Each one teaches an important concept in child safety. Some are available in a printable PDF version: Others are available in a free or low cost Kindle Book format.

Is This A Toy?
This simple book discusses common child safety hazards and talks about dangerous things that kids shouldn’t touch.


What Bigger Kids Can Do
Your home is full of safety hazards for todlers and parents can’t be watching 100% of the time. This book teaches older kids how to protect their younger siblings, making them aware of all the dangerous things kids can get into, so that they can be an extra set of eyes and ears for parents.


How NOT To Get Runned Over
Tis promotes street safety awareness in an effitr to curb pedestrian child injuries and accidents. It discusses all the common road safety hazards and rules for keeping kids safe around cars.


My Water Safety Book
Water presents one of the most prevalant safety hazards for kids. This book will teach children how to be safer in and around the water, lowering the risk of accidental drowning and helping to ensure your child’s safety when they swim.


Be Safe With Water
This is a water safety book for toddlers and preschoolers. It uses simple language small children can understand to protect the most vulnerable kids from the most common causes of drowning accidents.

  • Coming in spring of 2024. Pease check back!


How To Get Away From A Stranger
Child abduction isn’t high on the list of threats to your child’s safety. But it’s the one that terrifies parents the most. This fun and humorous book teaches kids how to effectively resist if a stranger tries to snatch them.


Stranger Danger
This book teaches kids the basic principles of abduction prevention, helping keep your kids safe from the treat of kidnapping.

  • Coming Soon


How To Be A Street Smart Kid
A fun book that promotes several different aspects of child safety from stranger danger to street hazards and how to keep safe while out and about.


Why Do We Wear Our Seatbelts?
Driving is the most dangerous thing you do with your kids, and seatbelts are the most important part of keeping kids safe on the road. Unfortunately, may kids don’t wear them consistentlly. This book educates children on the importance of seatbelts, promoting your child’s safety in the car.


Helmet Head
Helmets are key to keeping kids safe when they ride their bike, skateboard, or skates. Traumatic brain injuries are a leading cause of disability in children and bicycle injuries are a common source. This book promotes helmet use to protect your child from head injuries and accidents.

This book is meant to safeguard kids in the event they get lost, explaining what they should do to keep safe and find their parents again.


The Day My House Catched Fires
House fires kill around a thousang kids each year, and many of these deaths occur because kids don’t react properly. This educational and entertaining book follows the story of a little girl who escapes a house fire, fostering safe kids who can effectively do the same should the need arise.


Be Safe With Fire
This book will help protect your children from the dangers of fire. It discusses things like fire hazards and why it’s important not to play with fire.


In A Fire
A short and simple book teaching kids the basics of fire safety and how to safely escape a house fire.


What Doggies Do
Dogs are said to be man’s best friend, but they also attack, injure, and sometimes kill children. This book teaches kids safety rules that will help them avoid an attack and better read a dog’s body language for signs of aggression.


Other Sites Devoted to Child Injury & Accident Prevention

  • Safe Kids: Protecting children from assorted safety hazards.
  • Better Health: A government site dedicated to child injury and accident prevention.

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