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School bus related accidents kill approximately 100 people per year and injure another 18,000. Children inside the bus are relatively safe, and deaths of children inside the vehicle are rare. But the other traffic outside the bus can be quite dangerous.

School bus safety for parents

  • If at all possible, try to provide supervision for your children while waiting at the school bus. Drive or walk them to the bus stop, and be there to pick them up upon return.
  • A major cause of school bus related accidents is people trying to pass a stopped school bus and hitting a child who is crossing the road. School buses have tiny stop signs that come out, but these often fail to stop traffic. Talk to your school district about outfitting busses with a crossing-bar gate that swings out and blocks traffic in the other lane, so that drivers are forced to stop.

School bus safety rules for kids

  • Teach children to stay away from traffic while waiting for the bus. Never play around or play games near the road that could cause a child to forget where they are and run out into the street.
  • Teach children proper behavior while in the school bus. School buses pose a threat not only to children, but also to others outside of the bus, such as other pedestrians and cars. Explain to them that unruly behavior could distract the driver, causing an accident that could kill someone else.
  • This proper behavior includes: Being quiet for the driver, sitting down on your seat, keeping your head and arms inside the bus, and avoiding horseplay that could distract the driver.
  • If you have to cross the street in front of the bus, walk at least 10-20 feet ahead of the bus, and cross very cautiously. Be aware that other cars might try to pass the bus, so be on the look-out for cars coming from behind the bus as well. Stop at the edge of the bus and look both ways again to make sure it is still safe to cross.

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School bus accidents
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