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Here you’ll find sexual abuse prevention materials for teachers, schools, and child care centers. The activities, worksheets and printables herein are designed to empower children, educate kids about their rights, and work to undermine secrecy. Most importantly of all, they help combat the sexual shame and stigma that creates most of the harm from abuse and traps children abusive situations because of their own discomfort.

This is a highly sensitive subject, and teachers should use their own discretion when it comes to using these materials. Many of these resources are fairly tame and would not be out of place in any elementary school. Others, while developmentally appropriate, are a bit more controversial simply because this subject is so taboo. So give your parents a heads up, and make sure they understand the principles & premise behind these materials.

Finally, a quick word about abuse prevention education in general: over the years I’ve grow increasingly concerned as the focus has shifted from fighting +abuse+ to fighting exposure to all things sexual wherein children are concerned, using abuse education as a cover for promoting sexual shame and stigma. The former is a laudable goal; the latter is every bit as destructive as anything the typical molester might do. I’m hardly alone in this concern. There has been a lot of well-deserved criticism aimed at the sexual abuse industry in recent decades for ignoring principles of child development while working to scare and repress rather than educate. In fact, when I first began working on sexual abuse recovery, it quickly became apparent just how little of the harm comes from what children experience, and how much of it comes from the shame and stigma we raise our children in. In many ways we’ve created a perpetual circle of hurt, wherein sexual shame creates the potential for harm that makes this such a problem in the first place. (You can read more on these issues in the +sexual abuse, sexually healthy children,+ and +sexual abuse of the other kind+ areas of our site.)

So as you use these materials, don’t lose sight of the true priority: The goal is to empower children and protect them from abuse, not scare kids about touching or add to the complexes they’re already inundated with in regards to sexuality. You’re not actually helping children if you’re merely promoting psychological sexual abuse in the hopes of preventing the physical kind.

Abuse Prevention Mini-books

My Book of Rights
A G-rated printable mini-book that teaches children their basic rights, such as the right to their body, the right to be cared for, and more.

Never to be Broken Rules
A G-rated mini-book that teaches kids some universal rules that can safely guide them in all types of situations.

I Just Said No!
This printable mini-book teaches kids to stand up for themselves in appropriate situations.

Sexually Healthy Child Workbooks

These workbooks contain coloring sheets, worksheets and mini-books designed to erode sexual shame and help children become more comfortable talking about their bodies. Nothing in these books should be controversial, but since they contain anatomically realistic line-drawings of nude children, some parents will find them offensive.

Proud of Me workbook-boys

Proud of Me workbook-girls

Ask Me About My Day easy reader

Abuse prevention coloring sheets
coming soon

Right to My Body

Right to Speak

Right to be Cared For

A Right to be Loved

A Right to Happiness

A World of Touches

 A Little Voice Inside Me
(coming soon)

Doctor’s Office Visit

Abuse Prevention Children’s Books

These children’s books are designed to cover every aspect of sexual abuse prevention. Many are available for free either in printable PDF form or as an e-book. Others are available as a low cost e-book through the kindle store.

All About Touches   A printable PDF Book

Do You Feel My Pain  A printable PDF book

I Just Said No!  A printable PDF

I Say Yes  A printable PDF

I’m Not Ashamed of Me (coming soon)

Kids Don’t (coming soon)

Love Is  A printable PDF

My Body Book  A printable PDF

My Book of Rights  A printable PDF

Never To Be Broken Rules   A printable PDF

The Little Person Inside Me  A printable PDF

What A Dad’s For  (coming soon)

Who Would Give You Bad Touches  A printable PDF

Tell Me LIttle Bear  A printable PDF

Tell Your Mom & Dad  A printable PDF

If Someone Were To Say To You  A printable PDF

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