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In addition to the health concerns and problems already discussed, here is a summary of additional research on bisphenol-A and a brief description of what these studies have found:

BPA & low sperm count

A study released on Oct. 28, 2010, conducted by doctors at Kaiser Permanente and published in the journal Fertility and Sterility, found that higher levels of BPA were associated with fertility problems in men. Among the 514 Chinese workers studied, those men with higher BPA levels were 4-times more likely than others to develop sperm problems, both in sperm count and the quality of sperm produced (they had trouble swimming). (Szabo, 10-28-2010)

BPA & sexual dysfunction

Another earlier study by the same authors linked higher BPA levels with problems in sexual functioning, such as impotence or a low libido. These men were also working in factories that exposed them to BPA, yet the levels of BPA in both studies were within the range allowed by the EPA

BPA and chemotherapy resistance

An October 2008 study in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives found that BPA exposure may be linked to chemotherapy resistance in cancer patients. “It’s actually acting by protecting existing cancer cells from dying in response to anti-cancer drugs, making chemotherapy significantly less effective,” states Dr. Nira Ben-Jonathan from the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, who led the experiment.  Her team subjected breast cancer cells from humans to BPA inside a petry dish using the same low levels of exposure that is consistent with the levels found in blood tests among adults.

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