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Media and technology have become an intractable part of children’s lives, and it’s often hard for parents to keep up. Between TV programming, smart phones, video games, and the latest internet fads, at times it probably feels like your kids are more techno-savvy than you are. Technology also sits at the center of many parenting concerns. When should you get your child a smart phone? How do you keep it from taking over their life? What’s the best way to handle arguments over video games? What type of limits should you put on your child’s media use? How are kids affected by what they see on TV? Perhaps most importantly, how are all these digital devices impacting your child’s development?

As if there weren’t enough to worry about as it is, parents are constantly being bombarded with all sorts of dire warnings about the consequences of technology use by children and teens. Some of these concerns have merit, others are largely overblown.

The information and resources herein will help families navigate this new digital jungle of ours. We separate fact from fiction to help you understand how media and technology are impacting the lives of children, and provide practical advice on dealing with the common dilemmas families face.

Media & Technology Information for Parents

  • Facts and statistics about media a technology use

  • What teens do online

  • Technology and its effects on children

Types of Media & Technology

  • Television

  • Video Games

  • Smart Phones

  • The Internet

  • Social Media

  • Personal home assistants

  • Virtual Reality

  • Robots and smart toys

Common parenting issues and concerns

  • Setting limits

  • Psyberbullying (thins link takes you to our bullying area

Digital Addiction

How can you tell when a child’s technology use crosses the line into digital addiction? These pages will help you better understand technology addictions and how to address them.

  • What is digital addiction?

  • Facts and statistics on digital addiction

  • Signs and symptoms of digital addiction in children and teens

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