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America is overflowing with guns (there are more guns in this country than there are people) and one of the reasons for this is that people feel safer with a gun by their side. But do guns actually offer any sort of self-protection? And just what role do guns play in our society?

Few other social issues are as divisive as the debate over guns and gun control, and truth and reason often get buried beneath all the propaganda and proxy wars. This ignorance is lethal, with gun violence killing far more Americans each year than car crashes do. It’s past time we stop the bleeding.

This book bypasses all the propaganda and serves as a definitive guide on everything you’ve ever wanted to know about guns and gun control, so that citizens can make better informed decisions on their own. You’ll learn about…

  • How gun accidents happen
  • (& why they could easily happen to you)
  • Why guns aren’t actually the useful tool for self-protection that many presume them to be
  • Why bringing a gun into the home makes your family around 700-times more likely to meet a violent demise
  • How handling a gun alters a person’s psychology and makes them more prone to errors in judgment
  • The illusion of power provided by guns
  • How gun ownership impacts murder rates
  • A look at who, exactly, commits gun crimes
  • The role guns play in mass shootings.

You’ll also learn about . . .

  • Gun laws and their many loopholes
  • How the gun lobby operates against public interests
  • The hidden motives behind the NRA’s push to redefine murder
  • Why the industry is so keen on mass-marketing assault rifles
  • How gun lobby organizations target kids
  • Why gun manufacturers started intentionally making guns that look just like toys
  • Ghost guns
  • + much, much more.

You get it all for just $4.99. Best of all, 100% of the proceeds from your purchase will go to help children in need!

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