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Eating is something we do every day, yet many people give very little thought to food safety concerns. This is a mistake: Not only can improperly prepared foods harm your family, but the food you consume can have a significant impact on your family’s health. Food is, in a very literal sense, the construction material that builds your body. Just as a home built with subpar material is bound to crumble and fall apart, a body built with low quality food is destined to suffer more health problems.

Some of us give very little thought to the food we eat beyond deciding what we’re craving for dinner. Others obsess over the topic, turning meals and snack times into anxiety-ridden endeavors with strict and oppressive dietary guidelines built from every alarmist thing they’ve ever read on the internet: Both extremes are ill-advised.

Food is a subject awash in misinformation, from the companies touting non-existent benefits as a marketing ploy to the fanatics preaching doom and gloom about anything that feels unnatural. The information herein is designed to help families sort through the confusion, providing practical, sciencebased advice on common food safety concerns.

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USDA Hotline for Food Safety: 1-888-674-6854

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