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I would strongly encourage all teachers to implement some sort of child safety curriculum in their classroom. An unfortunate fact about child safety is that most serious accidents and injuries are preventable. Yet these tradegies continue to happen because there isn’t enough focus on safety education. Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, parents get busy and fail to adequately educate their kids, and kids continue to fall through the gap. You can help us close that gap.

On a more positive note, the payoff for child safety education can be seen on a daily basis. A child calls 911 and saves her mother’s life because of what she learned in preschool. A 10-year-old saves his friend because he was taught to recognize the signs of drowning. A 12-year-old uses the Heimlich maneuver to save a choking friend. An 8-year-old saves herself from abduction because of what she learned through stranger danger education.

Then there’s all those victories we don’t hear about because the calamity never happened. The children who aren’t hit by cars, don’t drown, and don’t get themselves into dangerous situation because of what their parents or teachers have taught them. Be part of the change that is helping to save children’s lives, and use these resources with your students as often as possible.

Child Safety Curriculum Resources

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Additional Child Safety Curriculum Resources for Teachers

We have a number of children’s picture books that can help you in teaching your safety curriculum:

  • Is This a Toy? (Free printable PDF / purchase e-Book – Coming soon)

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