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We are living in the toxic age, in environments that are swimming with man-made chemicals. From the toys your children play with to the food you eat and the furniture in your home, we’re all being exposed to a steady dose of potentially harmful toxins.

Most Americans naively assume that any chemical they might be exposed to has been carefully studied and vetted for safety. Reality is just the opposite. Chemicals come onto the market under a harmless-until-proven otherwise policy, and of the 80,000-plus chemicals that are in commercial use today, only around 4% have ever been submitted with any kind of health and safety data. And of these 4%, only a handful have undergone any semblance of rigorous testing.

This vast sea of chemicals has been implicated in everything from pediatric cancer and health problems to early puberty in girls and sexual abnormalities in boys. You and your children are carrying trace amounts of these chemicals inside your body. In fact, we all have so much chemical residue inside of us that if human breast milk were a product, it would fail FDA regulations and be deemed too contaminated to sell. The real question is this: What effects are all these chemical exposures having on your family, and what can be done about it?

This book is an eye-opening guide to that invisible world that exists all around you. You’ll learn…

  • How air pollution affects a child’s cognitive development
  • How trace amounts of a commonly used pesticide killed an entire class of schoolchildren
  • How chemical exposure is leading to abnormal sexual development in children
  • About the new threat of nanotoxins, and why they’re already showing up in food
  • Where the chemical ‘hot spots’ in your own community are likely to reside
  • How fracking companies are poisoning underground water supplies
  • The different toxins in consumer products that are scattered throughout your home
  • Why you may be swimming in raw sewage
  • The difference between a carcinogen and an endocrine disruptor and all of the different ways chemical exposures can impact health
  • About toxic spills, chemical disasters, illegal toxic dumping, and jobs in the past that had teenage girls licking radioactive material
  • You’ll get an inside look at our broken chemical regulatory system, and learn how to advocate for a cleaner community for everyone
  • + much more.


It’s a wealth of information no family can afford to be without, organized in one easy-to-read, eco-friendly e-book. You get it all for just $7.99, and all proceeds from your purchase will go towards helping kids in need.

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