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There is nothing more difficult in life than having to confront the death of a loved one. While there are not magic formulas that could ever erase the pain of your loss the bereavement resources provided herein will help your family through this difficult time.

Within this area you’ll find information dn resources on all aspects of death and dying; from how to answer the everyday questions about death kids might have to helping your family through the grief and bereavement process.

Handling ordinary, everyday issues regarding death

Common questions kids have about death (and how to answer them)
Kids are great at asking all those questions that adults find difficult to answer. This page is full of useful tips that will help you answer some of the common ones.

Talking to kids about death
Valuable tips and guidelines on how to talk to children about death

How to explain death to a child
The hardest part in talking with kids about death is explaining the concept in ways they will understand. These helpful tips will make explaining death to a child a breeze.

Children & Funerals
Should children attend a funeral? This page discusses the nuances regarding funerals of loved ones and casual acquaintances that a child isn’t as familiar with.

Dealing with the Death of A Pet
Our pets can feel just like family and loosing them is difficult. But the death of a pet also gives children valuable experience working through grief. Learn how to make the most from this loss.

Children and death

Children and death
Everything you need to know about children and death from a child’s understanding of death to what they comprehend at different ages.

How death effects children
Learn how children are impacted by the death of a loved one in what factors play a roll in determining how quickly they recover.

Grief assessment in children
A simple assessment tool to give you a better idea of how a child will be impacted by a particular loss.

Children’s grief by types of loss

Death of a Parent
When children loose a parent, it can be the most sever grief a child will ever suffer. This information will take you through the dynamics involved when children loose a parent.

The Death of A Grandparent
The most common forms of grief and loss children experience is the death of a grandparent. This information will help you through that process.

Grieving children and how to help them

Children, grief, and loss
Information on how children grieve so that you can better help them through the bereavement process.

How children cope and deal with death
Discusses the different ways children have of coping or dealing with death.

Grief Symptoms in Children
The death of a loved one is a stressful experience, and children may react to it with a variety of grief symptoms. Lean what these are and how to help children.

Grief Disorders in Children
It’s normal for children to be symptomatic after loosing someone they love. This page explores the difference between normal grieving in children and grief disorders.

Grief and bereavement resources for kids
We’ve got a number of resources to help children through the grieving process, including free coloring sheets, bereavement workbooks, grief worksheets, and mini-books to help children cope with death.

Children & Grief book
Is your child dealing with grief. Get our Kindell eBook Bereaved Children to help them through it. At just $8.99. its a fraction of the price of a therapist, and all proceeds from your purchase go to help kids in need!

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