Participating in youth sports is one of the most valuable and enriching experiences a child can have. Youth sports, especially when approached with the right attitude, can teach children discipline, perseverance, motor skills, and life lessons, such as how to handle adversity or win and lose with grace.

Sports are also extremely beneficial on a physical level. They build muscle, strengthen bones, and allow kids some much needed exercise. On top of this you can add better brains: Physically active kids score higher on levels of both intelligence and academic performance. Between the trend of increasing screen time and an out of control child obesity epidemic, (the two of which are very much intertwined), getting kids involved in youth sports is something we desperately need right now. Unfortunately, not enough kids are playing.

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Yet the topic of youth sports also raises a number of concerns among parents. There’s the fear of injuries and child concussions, especially among youth football. There are questions about how much children should be training. There are problems with coaches. Then there’s the issue of all those unhinged sports parents out there; otherwise normal, sane individuals who suddenly turn into lunatics whenever their child is on the field.

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The information herein is mean t to help parents navigate these difficult issues that come up. Select from the following information:

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