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Attitudes towards marriage and family are constantly evolving. Here are some facts and statistics related to family and marital attitudes today:

Statistic #1:
What’s important in a marriage

A recent Pew Research Center survey on marriage and parenting found that children had fallen to #8 out of 9 in a list of factors that people associate with a successful marriage. Here is what the respondents (N=2,020) considered most important:

Measure 1990 2007

1. Faithfulness 95% 93%

2. Happy sexual relationship 67% 70%

3. Sharing household chores 47% 62%

4. Adequate income 46% 53%

5. Good housing 42% 51%

6. Shared religious beliefs 45% 49%

7. Shared tastes and interests 44% 46%

8. Children 65% 41%

9. Agreement on politics (Crary, 2007) 11 % 12%

Statistic #2:
Attitudes towards marriage

A 2008 National Survey of Family Growth report found that 37% agreed with the statement, “Marriage has NOT worked out for most people I know.” (Sandler, 2011)

Statistic #3:
Choosing the dog

According to one poll, seven in 10 pet owners say they would rather be stranded on a desert island with their pets than with a spouse. (USA Today, 12-4-2008, p. 1D)

Statistic #4:
Many think marriage is obsolete

A recent poll found that 39% of those surveyed in the U.S. believe marriage is obsolete, and the rate is higher among unmarried and single parents. (Luscombe, 2010)

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