Here are a few facts & statistics regarding children and sleep:

Child Sleep Facts

Child sleep fact # 1: The proportion of time spent in REM, or dream sleep, declines from 50% during infancy to around 25% in toddlers. (Max, 2010)

Child sleep fact #2: Children engage in more deep sleep than adults, which is why you can take them from their car seat and carry them into the house without a child waking up.

Child Sleep Statistics

Child sleep statistic #1: Children sleep an average of 1 hour less today than they did 30 years ago. (Gibbs, 2007)

Child sleep statistic #2: Only 20% of teens get the recommended 8 1/2 to 9 hours of sleep per day.

Child sleep statistic #3: More than 5% of children are chronically sleep deprived as a result of a serious sleep disorder. (Marcus, 8-8-2010)

Child sleep statistic #4:  A recent 2015 survey by the nation institute of health of 27, 939 high school students found that only 3% get the recommended 9 hours or so of sleep per night. Twenty percent said they got 5 hours or less, and the median average was 6.5 hours on weekdays. (Rodriguez, 2015)