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Physical abuse is a direct act of maliciousness towards a child.  It may be brief, and the perpetrator may feel very bad about it afterwards, but when it occurs, it is an action directly intended to cause injury to a child.  For this reason, physical abuse is accompanied by a whole host of problems.

Isolated aggression on the milder end of the spectrum usually doesn’t leave a permanent imprint. But even physical discipline such as spanking has been linked with psychological, social and emotional damage in children, even when it occurs as infrequently as several times a year. Physical abuse is also the most dangerous type of child abuse. Every year between 1,000 and 1,500 children in the United States perish at the hands of an angry caretaker, and most experts believe the actual number is much higher, since many child abuse deaths are passed off as accidents and never recorded as such on hospital death certificates.

The following pages contain information that explores the subject of physical abuse, along with resources that will help those children affected by it recover from their experiences.

Physical Abuse Resources for Parents & Professionals

Physical Abuse Workbook for Kids
This is a workbook/coloring book designed for children who have been physically abused. It offers a number of therapeutic messages that will help kids relate to these experiences in a way that diminishes ager and pain. Recommended for children in preschool & elementary school, intended to be used with adult supervision.


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