How Others See Me (Language/Group)
Grades 3-6

For this activity, you’re going to ask children to think about how they would want others to describe them when they’re not around. Would they say you’re mean? Kind? Fun to be around? Needy and whiny? What would you want others to say about you? Ideally you’re looking for character attributes (fun, kind, caring, honest, ambitious, smart, funny, etc..), but if kids give you things like ‘beautiful’ or ‘athletic,’ go ahead and allow these too.

This can be done as a solo activity or a group time exercise, whichever you prefer. If you’re doing it as a group exercise, write down the different attributes kids give you on a chalkboard or white erase board. If you’re doing it as an individual activity, have them write their own attributes down on a piece of paper.

Once you’ve all developed your list, go through it and for each of these attributes come up with +specific+ examples of things a person could do to exhibit that trait, so that people would truly see and appreciate that quality in them. People often say they feel certain things inside, but if you ask them to describe how they show this virtue through their actions, they draw a blank. This activity is designed to get kids thinking more about how to match their ideals with their outward expressions.