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Aside from birth and death, divorce is bound to be the most significant transition you make in life. Therefore you can’t afford to go into it unprepared. Having the proper knowledge and perspective can make all the difference between recovering your life and ending up a disillusioned statistic. This is why you absolutely need this book.

We designed this material to be the most comprehensive guide to divorce available to parents. It’s a valuable resource for those getting divorced as well as those struggling to deal with the aftermath of it. We explain every aspect of the divorce process in detail, providing tips and advice that will help you every step along the way. Inside you’ll find…

  • An explanation of the various types of divorce
  • A step by step guide through the legal process
  • Tips & advice that will give you an edge
  • Information on child custody & the best type of arrangements for children
  • Managing custody schedules & parent-child visitation
  • How children of different ages process the divorce
  • Talking with your kids about divorce
  • Helping kids cope with divorce
  • Dealing with parental alienation and exes who play dirty
  • Adjusting to life after divorce
  • Parenting across 2 households
  • + Much more!

You get all this and the bonus material listed below for just $4.99! (All proceeds from your purchase go to help kids in need.) Get your copy today.

Our divorce eBook is loaded with exclusive material that can’t be accessed anywhere else, including…

Words of Wisdom
Several bonus chapters full of helpful, humorous, or inspirational quotes on divorce. Organized by topic, these words of wisdom will provide you with clarity and insight to get through the tough times ahead.

Staying committed to your children after divorce
Maintaining a connection with kids becomes much harder if you’re on a split custody or visitation schedule. This chapter is full of wonderful advice that will help you stay connected to your children when they are at the other parent’s home.

Dealing with child behavioral problems
Divorce can create some unique behavioral problems in kids that are unlike anything those from in-tact homes experience. This chapter will help parents pinpoint the precise cause of behavioral problems and offer tips on fixing the situation.

Coping with conflict, drama, & hostility from others

Whether it’s hassles from your kids or harassment from extended family, divorce can bring with it all kinds of drama. This information will help you cope with the insensitivity others might show.

Coping with divorce extended material
Our eBook is loaded with additional information on coping with divorce.

Divorce stories
What’s normal? How have others gotten through this? Am I the only one dealing with this type of thing? This bonus chapter will help you see your own situation through the perspective of what others have gone through. You’re probably not so alone in your struggles after all.


  • Love in all directions: The ideal divorced family
  • Divorce & Social networking: Conducting yourself in cyberspace & the things that could get you in trouble
  • Extended information on dating after divorce
  • Tips for long-distance visitation
  • And much more!


Once again, you get it all for just $4.99 (or about what a divorce lawyer might charge for 1 minute of consultation). Best of all, every penny of author proceeds from your purchase will go towards helping kids in need. It’s a win-win situation!

Get your copy of A Parent’s Guide To Divorce Today

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