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If Parents Didn’t CareIt isn’t always easy to find the right words that convey your thoughts and intentions to kids, especially during the heat of the moment when everyone’s flustered and emotional.  These parent helper resources are designed to bridge the communication gap when it comes to many common parenting issues, helping you become a more effective parent with better behaved kids.

Disciplinary Report
A printable worksheet parents and teachers can use as a disciplinary aid to help children better understand the causes of their misbehavior and how they can do better in the future.

If Parents Didn’t Care

This printable coloring book talks about discipline, teaching kids about why they are punished and helping them understand that parents don’t simply make up rules just to be mean.  It won’t cure your kids of problem behavior, but it should earn you a little more cooperation and mutual understanding when it comes to areas of discipline.

Thats Not Fair workbook
Complaints about fairness are one of the most common parenting issues to arise, especially in families with multiple children.  This printable coloring book teaches children how to better tolerate mild inequalities, and includes concepts such as why fair doesn’t always mean equal and how little discrepancies here and there tend to even out over time.

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