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Making the world a better place for children is a monumental task, and we can’t do it alone. If you’d like to help, there are a number of ways both big and small that you can do so:

Show your support with a like or a link

Our advertising budget at the moment is precisely $0.00, and we hope to keep it that way, because every penny spent on ads is a penny that isn’t going toward our charitable programs. We rely on word of mouth and referrals to drive people to the life-saving resources contained on our site. But when competing against Fortune 500 companies with inferior content but millions to spend on SEO, it’s often a struggle to reach the people who need what our site has to offer. You can help us immensely just by posting a link to our site from whatever social media accounts or websites you have, so that others can find our material. We very much appreciate your help, and so will the people who benefit from it!

Share information

The right information can heal hearts and save lives. You can help us spread that information with the free articles, handouts and brochures we offer:

Promotional coloring sheets

Do you own or manage a child care center, restaurant, doctor’s office, or some other business? If your establishment has a waiting room or if it caters to children in any way, you’ll love our free promotional coloring sheets. Each one features a lively picture for kids to color and includes an important message promoting safety or mental health. The top is left blank so you can add you own message, business info, coupon, or promotion. It’s a great way to promote child welfare while promoting your business at the same time! Get started creating your own promotional coloring pages today.

Become a local safety advocate

Safety education often gets neglected amidst the busy lives of parents and teachers. Consider taking the initiative yourself to ensure the kids in your local community receive the safety training they deserve. Make copies of our printable and drop them off with teachers at local schools or child care centers. Obtain digital or paper copies of our safety books, and call around to local schools, child care centers, after school programs, and libraries to see if you can come in to read these books to the children. (They may require you undergo a background check.) If you have plenty of free time and are looking for a more direct way to get involved, this could be a rewarding endeavor.

Contribute content

There are several ways you can help our cause by contributing content:

Share your personal story

Do you have a story about an accident or tragedy that happened to you (or almost happened)? If so, tell us about it. We may decide to share it with others on our blog, helping to keep other parents out of similar situations.

Submit content

We do accept high-quality, original content for publishing on our bog or elsewhere on the site. If you’re an activist yourself or just someone who thinks they have something to offer others, click the link above to view our content submission guidelines.

Contribute pictures

We’re always looking for photos to help liven up our material, or to use in books and printable educational resources. If you’d like to let us use images of that beautiful family of yours, click the link above to read about what we’re looking for.

Can I make a donation?

This site is run by volunteers, and we raise enough money through advertising and book sales to cover costs. The excess funds generated are then distributed to other children’s charities. So we don’t need your money, but a number of other great charitable causes do. If you were thinking about making a donation to us, we would urge you to honor our efforts by making a donation to one of these other great causes instead.

Advertising & sponsorship information

Become one of our site sponsors or advertise directly on this site. It’s the only place in the world where your public outreach dollars can pull double duty, since whatever money you spend with us goes directly to our charitable programs. You’ll be helping children while helping your business at the same time!

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