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Many parents give little thought to the medicines they give their children. They trust their doctor, and assume that any drug prescribed is both necessary and effective. But doctors often prescribe medication where it isn’t needed. They may prescribe antibiotics for a viral infection, even though antibiotics are worthless against viruses. Other medications are only marginally effective and come with serious side effects. This information will help you become a better educated parent when it comes to children and prescription medications.

Prescription Medication Information for Children & the Entire Family

  • Become an informed consumer. Learn the secrets Big Pharma doesn’t want you to learn about and learn more about the medicines your family is taking with our eBook Truth In Medicine. It’s just $7.99 and all proceeds got to help children in need.


H2: Truth in Medicine: Big Pharma’s Fraud & the Overmedicating of Americans

It’s something tens of millions of Americans do on a routine basis: Pop a pill into their mouth and ingest its chemical contents into their body. It’s a habit that seems to be accelerating, with the number of prescriptions steadily climbing in recent years.

Unfortunately, few people give much thought to whether these chemicals actually work or the potential side-effects they might have. They trust their doctor, and assume that every commercial medication has been proven to be safe and effective through rigorous research. They are wrong on both accounts.

If you or your child is currently taking any type of medication, or if you’re considering medication for a psychological or behavioral disorder or some other type of chronic condition, you absolutely need this book. Not only will we teach you about the multi-billion dollar scam that pharmaceutical companies are operating, but we’ll teach you how to be discerning and better informed consumers when it comes to medicine. We explain which drugs are likely to work, and why normal bodily processes make others both ineffective and dangerous. We also expose the science behind many common pharmaceuticals in easy to understand terms, so that you can decide for yourself whether the risk is worth the reward.

Portions of this book are available to read online for free, and are linked above. But to get the full story (and become a fully informed parent or patient) you’ll need the full pharmaceutical medicine eBook. It’s just $7.99, and all proceeds from this sale will go to help children in need.

* Here’s all the important information you will receive in our eBook:

Part 1: A Look At the Problem

Chapter 1: Medication Nation – America’s Love Affair With Drugs

A look at medication use in the United States and how Americans have become overrelient on perscription drugs.

Chapter 2: Radioactive Cures: A Look At Medical Follies of the Past (eBook)

Why would anyone drink arsenic or pour a radioactive material into their body? The answers will shock you, and they provide a sobering lesson for medicine in modern times.

Chapter 3: How Well Does Medicine Work? A Look at the Effectiveness of Drug Treatments

Would you take a medecine that had a one in fifty chance of helping you? You might be doing so already. Learn about the actual effectiveness of commonly used prescription drugs.


Chapter 4: Understanding the Limits of Medicine

Using medications correctly starts by having a good understanding of what they can and cannot do. This chapter explains how basic human physiology can interfere with the goals of pharmaceutical treatments.

Chapter 5: Problems & Side Effects

Information on Common problems and side effects associated with prescription medication.

Part 2: Problems in the Pharmaceutical Research & Approval Process

Chapter 6: Drug Testing & Drug Research

Learn how drug research is conducted and how caveats in the testing and approval process allow marginal and ineffective medicines to make it to consumers.

Chapter 7: The Industry’s Influence (eBook)

The pharmaceutical industry has a heavy hand in both medicine and psychiatry. Learn how Big Pharma controls academic research, doctor education, and even policies at K-12 schools.

Chapter 8: The Research for Hire Industry (eBook)

When drug companies need a favorable study, they turn to a multi-billion dollar a year corporate research industry. This chapter takes you inside this shadowy underworld and exposes the bias and often outright fraud that is taking place.

Chapter 9: The Industry’s Stranglehold on the FDA (eBook)

Regulatory agencies are determined by politics, which allows Big Pharma to lobby for the regulations that suit them best, even installing their own people to run these agencies. Find out how the industry is taking control of the FDA.

Chapter 10: Drug Lobbying (eBook)

This chapter exposes the extent of industry lobbying efforts and what impact this is having on consumers.

Part 3: Bad Medicines & How To Avoid Them

Chapter 11: Psychiatric Medications

  • Psychiatric drugs & medications ,
  • Why you should be skeptical of mood-enhancing drugs
  • Problems & side effects
  • Weight gain & diabetes

Chapter 12: Antidepressants

  • Antidepressants
  • Do antidepressants work? A look at the evidence
  • Antidepressant side effects
  • Antidepressants & suicide risk
  • Sexual side effects of antidepressants
  • Tricyclic antidepressants
  • Using antidepressants responsibly
  • The bottom line on antidepressants

Chapter 13: Psychiatric Meds for Children

  • Children & psychiatric medication
  • The effectiveness of mood-altering substances on kids
  • Antidepressants & children
  • Psychiatric medication & preschool children
  • Side effects & consequences

Chapter 14: ADHD Medications

While ADHD medications score as moderately beneficial, meaning they do seem to result in alterations to a child’s behavior, there is serious question about whether the benefits outweigh the risks.

Chapter 15: Overmedicating Our Youth

Learn why children are being overmedicated and the devastating effects this has on their development.

Chapter 16: Cognitive enhancing drugs (e-book)

An assortment of companies are offering the promise of boosting your brainpower with a pill. Does the science match the hype? We explore the facts behind cognitive enhancing drugs.

Chapter 17: Other Popular Drugs (e-book)

  • NsAIDs & OTC pain pills
  • Sleeping pills
  • Statins
  • Estrogen therapy
  • Testosteroen therapy
  • Antiobesity drugs
  • Hair loss drugs
  • Heartburn drugs
  • Dietary supplements & personal enhancement drugs

Chapter 18: The False Promise of Pharmaceuticals (e-book)

Most patients assume that drugs confer a benefit they can’t get in any other way. This chapter shows how drug interventions stack up against other treatments.

Chapter 19: Alternatives to Medication (e-book)

There are a number of ways to treat both physical & mental illness without medication. Learn what these are & how they stack up to pharmaceuticals.

Chapter 20: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know (Or Isn’t Telling You) (e-book)

This chapter will help you become a more informed patient, so that you and your family are receiving the best medical care and using medicines in a way that actually helps you.

Chapter 21: Children & Medication

  • Children & medication
  • Tips for getting kids to take their medicine

Part 4: An Out-of-Control Industry

Chapter 22: Price Gouging & the Greed of the Pharmaceutical Industry (e-book)

Does it ever feel like you’re paying more for your medicine than you should be? You are! A lot more! This chapter will make you furious, but it contains information that every American needs to know about.

Chapter 23: What It Really Costs To Produce A New Drug

Drug companies want you to believe it costs a billion dollars or more to produce a new drug…a message they promote to justify their exorbitant prices. We’ll show you what it really costs.

Chapter 24: Faking Innovation

So drug companies charge a fortune, but they’re also making valuable advancements to medicine, aren’t they? Actually, almost all of their drugs are stolen from the public domain, and were developed with research paid for by your tax dollars. This chapter explains how companies are able to pirate, patent & profit off of discoveries made by others.

Chapter 25: The New Drug Sham

Patents expire, which is why drug companies roll out ‘new’ medicines as soon as the patent on an old one expires. But newer isn’t always better, as this chapter explains.

Chapter 26: Playing Monopoly: How Drug Companies Game the Patent System

Learn about the tricks & techniques drug companies use to game the patent system & extend their drug monopolies.

Chapter 27: Drug Company Marketing

Drug companies devote far more time and money towards selling the public on new drugs than they do actually creating medicine. Many of these marketing techniques are downright dirty. Find out if you’re being used as a pawn in their game.

Chapter 28: Wooing Doctors With Bribes & Kickbacks

Is your doctor being paid to prescribe you drugs? The answer might surprise you. Learn how Big Pharma is bribing practitioners, and what effect this has on their prescription habits.

Chapter 29: Inventing Illness

Rather than creating drugs to treat an illness, drug companies often invent an illness to suit their drugs.

Chapter 30: Scare tactics

Whenever they face public backlash, drug companies resort to scare tactics to convince the public that doom and gloom awaits them if anyone tries to rein in their greed. We expose these fears for the nonsense they are.

Chapter 31: The problem of Counterfeit Drugs

A look at the counterfeit drug problem around the world, and how Big Pharma is inadvertently contributing to this deadly trend.

Chapter 32: How the Pharmaceutical Industry is Taking Over the Illegal Drug Trade

In a trend we’ve noticed that I don’t see anyone else talking about, Big Pharma seems to be intruding upon the illegal drug trade, looking for ways to turn things like hallucinogens, ecstasy, and narcotics into prescription drugs that can be easily abused. They’ve already succeeded with prescription opiates, with disastrous consequences for the nation. Where will the trend end?

Chapter 33: Children As Guinea Pigs

Drug companies sometimes test dangerous drugs on foster kids and poor children in other countries, with sometimes fatal results. Learn about how children are being used as experimental guinea pigs by the pharmaceutical industry.

Chapter 34: Chasing Profits, Not Cures

This chapter explains why drug companies focus on marginal medicines that can be mass-marketed in rich countries rather than developing cures that would actually help the most people.

Chapter 35: Lie, Cheat & Steal: Fraud Committed by the Pharmaceutical Industry

If drug companies were actual people, almost all would be serving life in prison. Learn about cases of fraud and deceit committed by drug companies, and the deadly consequences this has had.

Chapter 36: Fixing the System

A look at what can be done to offer patients better care at a much lower price, and how you can help advocate for these changes.

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