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The preschool years are arguably the most magical time of childhood, and a favorite age among parents. By preschool kids have developed to the point that they’re a lot more self-sufficient, and their little personality is blossoming. Yet they’re still small enough to cuddle in your arms, shameless enough to have no qualms about expressing affection, and naive enough to still think you’re a superhero who knows it all. They’re talkative, optimistic, and eager to learn about the world.

Preschool development covers a lot of ground, taking children from awkward toddlers to fully expressive little human beings. Be sure to enjoy the ride!

Fun Facts About Preschool Development

  1. The average preschooler laughs up to 300 times a day. It takes a 40-year-old 10 weeks to get in the same amount of laughter. (Broomfield, 2021) No wonder adults are so grumpy all the time!
  1. Preschoolers acquire an average of 8 new words per day, which might explain why they’re so talkative. (Gormly & Brodzinsky, 1993)

Preschool Development Milestones

Here are some of the things parents can look forward to during this stage of development:

  • Children go from saying their first complete sentences shortly before the age of 3 to talking your ear off as a fully communicative and chatty human being.
  • Children become more socially aware, and begin to form a view of themselves as seen by others. Pride and guilt develop as a byproduct. (Stipeck, 1983)
  • Play becomes more socially oriented; rather than playing parallel to other kids, it’s an interactive social experience.
  • Kids start to play games with complex rules, and can learn simple card games or board games.
  • Children’s imagination and creativity really start to blossom, and can be seen in the way kids play.
  • By age 3 or 4 children will have developed the ability to manipulate abstract ideas in their mind, thinking creatively about things that aren’t right in front of them.
  • Children often experience their first crushes.


Important Developmental Tasks for Preschoolers To Master

Here are some things your preschooler needs to accomplish to stay on track developmentally:

  • Learning to share and participate in give and take social exchanges
  • Forming friendships with other kids their age.
  • Learning to put together puzzles, group objects by category, and count to at least 20.
  • Learning at least most of their alphabet and having a basic understanding of phonics by the time they start kindergarten
  • Being able to legibly write their name and letters.
  • Being able to talk to an unfamiliar adult and make simple requests.


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