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Pain in Perspective is a combination workbook/coloring book that is intended to help children put painful experiences in perspective. It teaches them how to avoid the natural human tendency to discount the good in life while inflating the bad with exaggerated meaning.

This workbook can be helpful for the little, day to day traumas that children experience as well as the more significant hardships the a child might endure:

  • Frightening and/or embarasing events
  • Isolated physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse or molestation
  • Injuries or accident that do not cause a permanent disability
  • Natural disasters
  • Coping with the hurtful behavior of others
  • Verbal abuse by one adult


It’s not the best fit for children dealing with divorce or the recent death of a loved one, or for any other type of negative environment that is likely to persist and has not been properly resolved.  It’s still a book that EVERY child should read, but it shouldn’t be expected to provide therapeutic value in dealing with chronic, ongoing situations.

Download and print Pain in Perspective workbook for kids.



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