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scary-maskOn Halloween night, we send children out in restrictive, often dark colored costumes, at night, in the dark, to walk around the neighborhood. Keep in mind, children aren’t the only ones partying, and drunk drivers are also out in full force. Obviously, this can pose a danger. The number of child pedestrian deaths is four times higher on Halloween evening than on any other night of the year. Consider the following Halloween safety precautions for safe trick or treating with kids:

Trick or Treating safety tips for parents

  • Consider non-traditional trick or treating measures with your children. There are now dozens of other options right in your community, such as mall trick or treating, special events, etc. These are much safer than traditional forms, and often, they are much more time efficient and satisfying for both the parents and the children.
  • Supervise all children under 12 while trick or treating. Make sure there is an adult with each group of trick or treaters who are 12 or younger.
  • Establish a specific route to follow and a specific return time, so you will know if your child is missing and where to look.
  • If your child’s costume is dark, consider putting a few strips of reflective tape on it to make your child visible to motorists.
  • In picking out costumes, try to avoid costumes that restrict eyesight or movement.

Safe Trick or Treating Rules for Kids:

  • Teach children to never enter the home of anyone, no matter what the person says. Use this time as an opportunity to talk about stranger danger.
  • Supply children with a flashlight, and instruct them to carry it around to help them see better, and also so that motorists can see them.
  • Teach children to walk only on the sidewalks, not in the street. If there are no sidewalks, walk on the left side of the road, facing traffic.
  • Teach children not to eat any of the candy along the way, to bring it home for you to check over first. Give children a snack before trick or treating to help them refrain.

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