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Our family sleep e-book is a complete guide to better sleep, with information on sleep issues for children and adults alike. It is divided into two key sections:

1. Sleep for children: A parenting sleep guide

Complete information on virtually every infant and child sleep issue you could ever run into, including sleep requirements, how to get children to sleep better, and solutions to common bedtime problems & various sleep disorders. It’s a complete parenting guide for sleep issues.

2. Better sleep for adults 

This section contains sleep information for the entire family, such as explanations about sleep cycles & what happens during sleep, proven ways to fight insomnia and sleeplessness, guidelines on using sleep medications and pages upon pages of tricks and techniques that will help you get better sleep.

Sleep information contained in this e-book

Some excerpts from this book are provided on the site for free. However, our e-book is loaded with information you can’t get anywhere else. Here are just some of the juicy nuggets you’ll find inside:

  • Instructions on keeping a sleep diary that will help you analyze and organize your sleep habits for better sleep.
  • Information on cognitive therapy for sleep.
  • Learn about stages of sleep and what your body does while it’s sleeping, so that you can better understand sleep problems.
  • Find out ways of using light to alter your sleep rhythms.
  • Information on natural sleep aids.
  • The sleep better diet
  • Additional sleep training techniques & parenting tips for kids of all ages
  • Ways to tackle sleep anxiety and overcome stress about sleep
  • A guide to sleep medications and how to use them properly
  • Advice on battling insomnia
  • Ways to deal with snoring
  • A collection of guided imagery exercises you and your children can do to induce a calm state of mind that will help you fall asleep.
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Information on dreaming and instructions on dream-training techniques. Discover how to train your dreams and experience more lucid, realistic dreams.
  • + Much more!

You get it all for just $4.99! Best of all, every penny we receive from your purchase will go towards helping kids in need in the U.S. and abroad. So you’ll be helping your family and helping a worthy child at the same time!

  • Get your copy of the Family Sleep Handbook in kindle format
  • Don’t have a kindle? No problem! The free Kindle adaption tool will allow you to read this book on just about any device, including your Smartphone, PC, or tablet computer.

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