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Many people own guns for personal protection or self-defense, assuming that a gun keeps them safe and provides an advantage against anyone who might do them harm. It seems a reasonable assumption … until you dig into the details of real-world threats and how they actually occur. The belief that guns are a useful tool for self-protection is perhaps the most egregious gun myth of all. In reality, guns are an offensive weapon that provide little of value in true cases of self-defense. They endanger the gun carriers far more than they protect him. Dont believe me?  See for yourself:

Guns, Protection, & Self-Defense:
Myth vs Fact

Does Having a Gun Help Crime Victims?
‘If they only had a gun…’ is sentiment commonly expressed whenever someone is victimized by a crime. But would having gun really have helped, or would it make their plight worse. This page explores that question.

Defending Yourself With a Gun
A look at what happens when gun hero fantasies clash against reality. This page explains why anyone trying to defend themselves with a gun is typically at a disadvantage.

Concealed Weapons and Self Defense
Learn why carrying a concealed weapon doesn’t offer the protection many people think it does.

Missing Your Target: The Danger of Shooting Someone by Mistake
Innocent civilians die in gun fights a lot more often than the actual shooters do. People pulling their guns usually fire in a rushed, panicked way, with the overwhelming majority of the bullets hitting something (or someone) else instead.

Guns and Self Defense Against Animals
Many people think that a gun provides superior protection against dangerous animals. The cold hard statistics say otherwise.

Defending Yourself Without A Gun
Most violent attacks and mass shootings are foiled by unarmed civilians. Learn why self-defense without a gun is typically more effective than having a weapon.

Self Defense? Not so Much. A look at “justifiable homicide” and self defense cases
This page looks at dubious and deceitful cases gun advocates site to promote the idea that guns provide protection and self-defense.

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