Child abuse is one of those sensitive topics that’s surrounded in an aura of myth and misunderstanding. We’ve dramatized the subject on television shows and serve it up as entertainment while simultaneously avoiding its unpleasantries in real life. When it does get our attention, we typically respond with a heavy dose of scorn and condemnation.  Such an approach doesn’t help anyone, least of all children.

Child abuse doesn’t happen because people are evil, but because everyone’s imperfect. Families are under stress, loved ones fall into addiction, parents loose their temper, adults get carried away with discipline, and otherwise ordinary people struggle to care for children in the ways they should. Only through greater awareness, understanding, and a healthy dose of compassion can we hope to make strides in addressing this problem.

To that end, we’ve provided visitors with a treasure-trove of helpful information and resources pertaining to all aspects of child maltreatment.

Information on Child Abuse