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Life is full of upsetting experiences, and children are bound to receive their fair share of them. This book was created for just such occasions, offering comfort to children dealing with difficult events in their life, whether this be ordinary everyday hassles or more significant trauma.

Its soothing verses, captivating pictures and vivid imagery are like a giant spiritual bear hug for children in distress, no matter how big or small their worries may be. It encourages kids to embrace their pain and acknowledges that life can be difficult at times, while nonetheless celebrating the journey and offering a message of hope for the future. It’s also packed with valuable wisdom about life, people and pain that will build upon a child’s social and emotional intelligence, helping them better handle whatever life throws their way.

This book is a must-have resource for every parent’s library, and an enjoyable read for children, even those who aren’t dealing with a particular challenge at the moment.

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  • All author proceeds from your purchase of this book go to help kids in need.

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Help Us Help Others: