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Trauma happens to young and old alike, and life is certain to knock you and your kids around from time to time. When it does, it isn’t the particulars of the trauma that matter for your family’s long-term welfare, it’s how well you hlep them through it. Although you can’t change the past or erase what happened, you do have total control over how you relate to any given situation going forward.

We can help. The information and resources contained in this area were designed to guide you through whatever trauma’s and hardships your family might experience. You’ll find information on how children are affected by trauma, books and printables to help them through it. And help for you as well, because if you are suffering, your kids will be too.

Information about children and trauma


Children exposed to violence


Helping kids through trauma


Don’t leave your child’s well being to chance! If your kid is dealing with a stressful or potentially traumatic situation, get our childhood trauma and Recovery eBook which is packed with valuable information that isn’t available online. It’s just $7.99 and all proceeds from your purchase go to help kids in need.

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