It’s been said we live in the age of anxiety, and youth in particular seem to be struggling. Childhood anxiety is on the rise, and more and more parents are finding themselves dealing with overly anxious children. If your child struggles to cope with everyday life, is easily overwhelmed or overly stressed, or has become a perpetual worry machine, you definitely need this book. It’s filled with everything caregivers need to know to help children and teens get their anxiety under control. You’ll learn…

  • About the different types of childhood anxiety, including social anxiety, separation anxiety, general anxiety and OCD
  • How parents inadvertently feed into a child’s anxious tendencies
  • Strategies for helping a child manage their anxiety.
  • Tips for dealing with panic attacks
  • Activities and exercises you can do at home that will build your child’s confidence and help them overcome anxiety
  • About different types of therapy for childhood anxiety disorders
  • The truth about anti-anxiety medications, including how well they work, their potential risks and side effects, and other things you need to know before putting your child on medication
  • + much more.

Unless you address it early, a child’s anxiety will only grow worse as time goes on. So it’s important to tackle the issue immediately. Don’t leave your child’s mental health to chance! Get your copy of Anxious Children and start whittling away your child’s stress load today.

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