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Nobody wants their child to be traumatized or to suffer through a difficult experience. Yet life happens to young and old alike, and when it does, what matters most is not the particular trauma or hardship a child experiences, but how well you help them cope and recover from it.

That’s where this book comes in. It’s our universal childhood recovery manual, designed to help parents, teachers, therapists, and other caregivers guide children through traumas and difficult experiences of all types, from the more common family turmoil and everyday traumas to more serious forms of child victimization and exposure to violence. Inside you’ll find…

  • Guidelines on how to talk with children about difficult or traumatic events
  • Stress and trauma symptoms children exhibit and how to handle them
  • Tips on how to soothe a child’s distress without accidentally adding to the sense of injury they feel
  • How to help kids who’ve been exposed to violence
  • Step-by-step instructions on different therapy techniques that can be applied to any situation, including play therapy techniques, art therapy, writing exercises, and other methods designed specifically for children.
  • Information on seeking therapy for a traumatic experience *+ much more.
  • It’s information no parent or professional dealing with a traumatized child can do without, and it’s all yours for just $7.99; about what a therapist might charge you for 4 minutes of session time. Don’t leave your child’s mental health to chance. Get your copy and start the healing process today.

  • Get Child Trauma & Recovery (kindle e-book, $7.99; all proceeds from this book go to help other kids in need) (Coming soon)

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A book on dealing with children from compromised backgrounds, such as foster kids, abused and neglected children, and those who have dealt with parental abandonment or substance abuse in the home.

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