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Broken bones are all too common in children.  Most often, broken bones are not life threatening, though they do require you to seek immediate medical care.

Signs of a broken bone

  • You or the child heard a snap, grinding noise, or pop during the injury
  • There is swelling, bruising, or tenderness
  • The pain is one that feels like “pins and needles”
  • It is painful to move the injured area or bear weight on it
  • There is a protruding bone or disfigurement in the area (obvious visual signs of damage).

If you suspect a broken bone:

  • Remove clothing from the injured part.
  • Apply a cold pack wrapped in cloth to the injured area.
  • Keep the injured limb in the position you found it.
  • Splint the extremity if possible by using soft padding near the injured part, and placing something firm like a board or rolled up newspaper to splint it. Keep the splint in place with first aid tape.  Do not keep it too tight.
  • Seek medical care immediately.


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