Children get lost all the time. Whether in a grocery store, mall, or large gathering, it will happen. Normally it is nothing more than a scary experience for the child and a nerve-wracking time for their parents. However, it is important that we prepare children for the chance that they may get lost. Not only will it lead to the experience getting resolved quicker, but more importantly, avoid the chance of a snatch.

  • When going to amusement parks and other crowded events, carry a current photo of your children and designate a pre-planned meeting place in case they get separated.
  • Tell children that if they are ever lost, they should look for a policeman, security officer, fireman, or somebody else in uniform to go to. If there are no policeman around, they should go into a store or business and tell someone who is working that they are lost and need help finding their parents.
  • Tell children that they should try to stay as calm as possible if they ever do get lost. Remind them that if this ever happens, as long as they do what they are supposed to do, they will eventually find their parents again.
  • To avoid getting lost in the first place, tell children that whenever they are in crowded places they should stay close to their parents and hold their hand if possible. Don’t go wandering off or leave to look at something, even for a minute, because all it takes is a few seconds for you to get separated from your parents and lost.

Resources for Teaching Kids What To Do When Lost