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Looking to raise more caring and compassionate children? The worksheets on this page will help parents and teachers do just that. Each one contains a short lesson that teaches kids things like …

  • How to be more aware of those around them
  • How to be conscientious towards the feelings of others
  • Why it’s important to respond with kindness, even when others do upsetting things
  • Plus much more.



Crying Baby Worksheets
A classic three page empathy building worksheet with a coloring picture.


Different Ways of Sharing
Teaches children about the different ways they can give of themselves.
Recommended for grades 3-6.


Watering People with Kindness
A worksheet that teaches kids how people grow beautifully when showered
with kindness, but wither and grow when doused with hostility. Grades 2-6.
Teacher assistance required for younger children.


Saving Starfish Story
A two page coloring worksheet based on the classic story
of a boy saving starfish by the sea.



Learning About Empathy
This two-page worksheet with the definition of empathy, encouraging kids to think about why it’s so important.
Recommended for Grades K-6. Younger kids will need assistance.


What is Kindness
This simple worksheet can be used by kids of all ages.
They can be used as dictation stores for preliterate children.

Writing, Spelling & Vocabulary Worksheets

Practice writing the vocabulary words in the spaces provided on the right.
Then read the work descriptions.


Teaching Kids Kindness Spelling Pre-k to KindergartenTeaching Kids Kindness Spelling Grades 1-2


Teaching Kindness Spelling Grade 3-4

Teaching Kids Kindness Spelling Worksheet Grades 5-6





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