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We frequently get emails from people and organizations wanting to contribute to our site. We do periodically publish well-written content from other organizations or private individuals on our blog, and are happy to include a hyperlinked byline with anything we publish. We’re always looking to partner with those who share our common goal of promoting child welfare. The problem is we also get lots of requests by spam-bots and people wanting to litter our site with thinly-veiled advertisements disguised as articles. Which makes it harder to discern the more authentic requests from all the fluff.

If you’re interested in submitting material for our consideration, please make this process easier on the both of us by adhering to the following guidelines:

Submission guidelines

1. Your material must discuss topics relevant to children and family life.

2. We seek well-written, interesting and informative articles, not fluff pieces you created to serve as an advertisement for your own site or product. So don’t bother submitting unless you have something meaningful to say that would be worth our readers’ time.

3. Your material should conform to our site’s philosophy and purpose. We advocate for positive solutions to social problems, so avoid the type of vitriol-laced opinions you’ll commonly hear on the news. You should also take time to familiarize yourself with our site and make sure your submission doesn’t go against our goals. So don’t submit an article promoting vaccine conspiracy theories when you know we advocate just the opposite, or a pro-gun article when our site advocates against gun ownership because the inherent risks and dangers it poses.

If the message you’re aiming to share with our visitors conforms to these standards, then please follow these submission guidelines:

1. Do not send a cover letter or inquiry. We don’t have time to play email tag responding to all of these. Also do not send a message with a link to your article, which looks too much like the spambots and malware we constantly receive.

Instead send the full text of your submission in the body of the email itself, along with any pictures you may have to include. (.jpg and .gif files only please; you can provide a link to these if its easier.) The more painless it is for us to see what you’re looking to submit and then post that material, the more likely we are to use it.

2. Include your byline at the bottom of your article. Keep it within 150 characters please, and no more than 2 links.

3. If you have any notes or messages you want to convey to us, please add these after the byline.

Help Us Help Others: