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Tens of millions of Americans take some type of prescription medication on a daily basis. The rest of us will do so at least occasionally. Yet most people know very little about these drugs they are putting into their body. We assume that since a doctor prescribed them, they must be safe and have undergone rigorous research proving their effectiveness. If only things were that simple.

Most Americans are more trusting of this system than they should be, and what you don’t know might be jeopardizing your family’s health, and murdering your wallet in the process. The truth is that many commonly prescribed medications offer very little benefit, and drug companies are engaged in a sophisticated charade to keep you hooked on higher priced drugs, often to the detriment of your health.

This is the book Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about. You’ll get an eye-opening inside look into the world of prescription medicine; from behind the scenes of the pharmaceutical industry all the way to your doctor’s office. We’ll explore…

Why do prescription medications cost so much?

This is the question Americans tend to ask more than any other. We’ll show you…

  • What it really costs drug companies to bring a new drug to market (I’ll give you a hint: It’s not nearly as much as they claim it to be)
  • How your tax dollars are funding most of the research that discovers the drugs that Big Pharma then patents and profits from
  • The various ways the pharmaceutical industry price-gouges its customers
  • How drug companies game the patent system and conspire to keep lower price generics off the market, so that you have to pay more for your medicine
  • Why Americans pay more than double what patients in other countries do for their prescription medications.


Which medicines work, and which ones don’t?

As if to add insult to injury, many of the medications Americans pay an arm and a leg for are little more than snake oil wrapped up in fancy pitches. We explore…

  • A detailed assessment of many commonly used medications
  • Why new drugs often aren’t any better than older, cheaper drugs, and may be far more dangerous
  • The limitations of pharmaceutical remedies
  • Why drug companies spend more on marketing their products than they do on developing them.


How drugs are vetted and approved

Did you know that if a drug fails to outperform a placebo in 4 out of 5 drug trials, pharmaceutical companies can nonetheless use that one favorable study to earn approval by the FDA? Find out…

  • How new drugs come to market
  • About the research-for-hire industry that helps prop up pharmaceutical offerings
  • About flaws in the drug approval process.
  • This book also explores…
  • How drug companies lobby government agencies in order to profit at the expense of the public
  • How non-pharmaceutical approaches compare to medication when it comes to dealing with chronic health problems
  • How pharmaceutical companies are using children and orphans as guinea pigs in experimental drug research
  • The problem of counterfeit drugs and the threat they pose to your family
  • Fraudulent behavior committed by pharmaceutical companies
  • + much more.


It’s the most comprehensive, informative book on prescription medication available, and you get it all for just $9.99. You’ll save far more than that on a single unnecessary prescription, and all proceeds from your purchase go toward helping children in need! Don’t be left in the dark any longer. Get your copy of Truth In Medicine today.

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