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We’ve all had that feeling before…that little voice inside telling us when something isn’t quite right. Children will get that same feeling when asked to oblige to the unwanted sexual advances from a pedophile. By teaching children to recognize that feeling and follow their instinct, we can protect them from sexual abuse.

That Little Voice Inside

Teach children that their instinct is that little voice, that feeling inside them telling them if something is right or wrong. Our instinct tells us to stay away from things with big teeth and sharp claws, so that we don’t get eaten. It might also make us feel queasy in high places so that were careful and don’t fall. Our instinct tries to keep us out of trouble. Sometimes it’s right, sometimes it isn’t. But we should always follow what that little voice inside tells us to do, at least until we’ve had the chance to check it over with other adults.

Getting in Touch With Your Instinct

Ask your children to recall times when they’ve gotten a funny feeling inside. Maybe it was a time when they lied about something and they knew they should tell the truth. Maybe it was a time when they snuck a cookie and knew they weren’t supposed to.

Instinct in Everyday Life

You can help teach children about their instinct in everyday life. Maybe the opportunity comes up to hold a snake at the zoo. Kids may get a feeling that makes them shy away from that. But after consulting with you and being assured it would be OK, would they want to try then? Or perhaps at an amusement park, they may get a feeling that gives them second thoughts about riding a roller coaster. Their instinct might hold them back, but after consulting with you and being assured it is safe, would they try then? Talk about instincts in everyday life. Ask your children directly: “What does your instinct tell you?” whenever the opportunity arises. The simple act of talking about it amongst yourselves will raise an awareness in your kids that will help them recognize and follow their gut feelings.

What If…

Make up your own pretend scenarios for your kids, and tell them in the form of a story. Have kids tell you what their instinct tells them to do, based on what feelings they get when they think about the scenario.

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