[Kids Today] are frighteningly well-informed now… if I say something as a parent or a friend – I like to think of myself as both – it puts you on your mark because they can, in 40 seconds, see whether or not you’re full of sh*t. But I’m way better at being a dad now than I was with my first lovely two daughters. That’s because I’m not as crazy as I used to be, and hopefully not as selfish.” – Mick Fleetwood (of Fleetwood Mack), on the difference between raising teenage girls in the 1980’s vs. raising two teenage daughters today. (Rolling Stone, 8-7-2017, p. 580)

Images of dreamy children in white with huge bows are only one moment. There were 30 others with screaming, crying, and a Code Brown brewing in the Huggies. Never forget that the keyhole into another family’s world is curated artifice.” – Jill Kargman, creator of Odd Mom Out, speaking to US Weekly on the realities of celebrity parenting.