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The Resilient Mind: Staying Strong in the Face of Adversity & Healing From Life’s Inevitable Traumas

Life is full of upsetting experiences. Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn down the dial on pain so that past experiences and present day hassles wouldn’t upset you nearly so much? You can!

The truth is that most of the psychological turmoil we experience is self-inflicted–a result of distorted, overly negative ways of thinking. People can certainly do hurtful things that upset us in the moment. But unless you’ve been maimed or are being held captive in an abusive situation, the power others have over you stops the instant that moment passes. Whenever hurt lingers, it’s because destructive thoughts are keeping that pain alive in our minds, creating a burden of shame, anger, guilt and misery that we carry with us into the future.

Of course, learning to let go of this unnecessary baggage isn’t easy. If it were, everyone would do it, and then psychologists and day time talk shows would be out of business. But it can be done. Peruse the research on trauma, and you’ll see that in every category across the board, from rape to violence to shame and family conflict, there are those who feel devastated by such experiences, but there are also many who quickly recover from the same situations without any lingering effect. Obviously, it isn’t the experience that matters, but the manner in which we approach life’s upsetting events. We’ll teach you the skills needed to be one of these resilient people, so that pain bounces right off you just like bullets shot at Superman (or Superwoman).

Inside this book you’ll learn how to use principles of cognitive psychology to better recover from life’s inevitable insults. We discuss…

  • How your brain works to formulate thoughts, attitudes and beliefs
  • The variables guiding your subconscious thoughts
  • How to gain control over your moods & emotions
  • The quirks of memory and how these distort your understanding of past experiences
  • How new knowledge (or the lack thereof) can alter your perception
  • How to confront negative thought patterns and irrational beliefs
  • The roadblocks to recovery that trap people in their pain
  • The elusive search for happiness and how to find your own sense of contentment
  • How attitudes, beliefs and behavior vary across different times and between different cultures, and what this can teach us about the nature of life and the true origin of human suffering
  • Plus much more.

This book just might be the best investment you’ll ever make, helping you and your family achieve a more joyous, pain-free approach to life. Stop letting yourself be jerked around by the whims and actions of others. Take back control of your mind.

Get your copy of the Resilient Mind ($7.99 Kindle e-book; all proceeds from your purchase go to help kids in need – Coming soon)

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