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Stop Bullying Quotes

Stop bullying quote #1: “When it comes to bullying, sexual harassment, and emotional violence at school, the buck stops with adults.”  – James Garbarino & Ellen deLara (2002, p. 208)

Stop bullying quote #2: “Bullying is a cowardly act because those who do it know they will probably get away with it, as victimized person(s) is(are) unlikely to retaliate effectively, if at all, nor are they likely to tell anyone about it. Bullying often relies on those who are marginally involved, often referred to as bystanders, doing nothing to stop it or becoming actively involved in supporting it.”  – Sullovan, Cleary & Sullovan (2004, p. 6)

Stop bullying quote #3: “Fingerpointing is easy – and solves nothing.”  – Teen parenting specialist Rosalind Wiseman (2010, p. 96)

Stop bullying quote #4: “In junior high I was forced to choose: have the protection of the group or get beat up by the group, so I joined the bullies. But by the time I got to high school, I found that bullying doesn’t make you feel good about yourself. There’s a saying: Once you know better, you do better.”  – Tiffany, 36, a Los Angeles author (Quoted in Weller, 2011, p. 118)

Stop bullying quote #5: “Some people think this (bullying) is just a right of passage. It’s not. It’s a national health crisis.”  – Mother of a boy who committed suicide after being bullied at school. (PBS, 2010)

Stop bullying quote #6: “If the institution believes problems (like bullying, group exclusivity, intolerance, and feelings of powerlessness) are not problems or are ‘a part of existence,’ then it won’t do much to change things.” – James Garbarino & Ellen deLara (2002, p. 59)

Stop bullying quote #7: “You’re not going to be able to punish people into being more tolerant.”  – Frank LoMonte, executive director of the student Press Law Center, speaking about why legislative attempts to try and deal with bullying are extremely short-sighted. (Alcindor, 2012)

Stop bullying quote #8: “In the past, our culture has quietly condoned bullying as a rite of passage by looking the other way. After a couple of decades filled with school shootings and other gruesome crimes committed by young people against their peers, this stand is no longer popular. Still, bullying continues. It has moved online and has become more prevalent among girls. If your child is being regularly teased, pushed, tripped, verbally harassed or ostracized at school or in the neighborhood or if he is being persecuted online through the misuse of social-networking web sites, you must be your child’s first line of defense. Don’t wait. Act. The same goes if you witness another child being victimized in any of these ways.”  -Victoria Costello (2012, p. 37)

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