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This page is a listing of the different books we publish. Significant portions of these books are available online, but we recommend you purchase a complete eBook version to get access to all the best information. All author proceeds from your purchase (70%) will go directly toward helping children in need.

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We are still in the process of converting many of these books into eBook format. So if a book isn’t linked yet, it’s because we’re still working on it. We should have most of these finished in the coming weeks and months, so please check back.

Parenting & Children

Positive Parenting: Effective Discipline & Behavior Management
This book is our all-purpose guide to parenting, focusing on the principles of discipline and behavior management. It explores different parenting approaches and the flaws in traditional discipline methods, while teaching you how to guide children in ways that promote a more positive, loving, cooperative atmosphere. It also offers tips for dealing with common parenting problems, such as tantrums, whining and attention-seeking behavior. Whether you’re new to parenting or have been perfecting this role for many years now, the wisdom in this book is bound to make your life a whole lot easier.

Talking To Kids (& Getting Results)
Talking to children is easy. Talking to them in a manner that conveys our expectations in meaningful ways and actually gets them to listen is not. Many of the problems caregivers experience are really rooted in communication, and this is an area where every parent and teacher could use improvement. That’s where this book comes in. It will help you tweak your communication style to achieve the results you’re looking for. Get a whole lot more cooperation from your kids with a lot less argument.

Super Siblings $7.99
Has sibling rivalry gotten out of hand? Does it sometimes seem like all your kids do is fight? Are they turning your home into a war zone, or making you a full-time referee in their squabbles? We can help! This book will show you how to improve sibling relationships and put a stop to the never-ending cycle of conflict that plagues so many families.

Difficult Children $7.99
If a child suffers from behavioral problems, this book is sure to help. Written with both parents and teachers in mind, it will help you better understand why child behavioral problems arise, and more importantly, what can be done about them. You’ll receive practical tips on discipline and behavior management; advice on how to deal with anger, defiance, aggression, and other common disruptive behaviors; instructions for working on a child’s impulse control; social and emotional intelligence training; + much more. There are no instant miracle cures, but this book is loaded with must-have information that will make it easier to care for these difficult children.

Troubled Teens $9.99
The teenage years are a tumultuous time for all, but some adolescents struggle more than others. Parents are often baffled when they see their formerly happy child devolve into a sullen, troubled teen. This book will help you understand why this happens, and give you the information you need to rescue your teen from the depths of despair. Whether your teen is addicted, delinquent, dealing with mental health issues, or just plain angry all of a sudden, this book will help you better understand them and get to the root of their struggles. It’s a must-have for anyone wanting to help a teen who’s teetering on the edge.

Raising Resilient Children $7.99
Every parent wants their kids to be happy. But are you also raising your children to be resilient? Or will they grow up to be like fragile glass figurines who shatter into a million pieces under the slightest bit of pressure? College professors say that many youth today are entering adulthood as fragile, incompetent, emotional wrecks, so parents need this book now more than ever. We’ll show you why many common parenting practices impede a child’s social and emotional growth, and teach you different skills and principles you can instill in your kids that will help them grow into strong, resilient adults.

Parenting In the Digital Age $7.99
Technology is steadily taking over our lives, often at a pace faster than parents can keep up. This book will help you navigate this ever-expanding digital jungle. We examine all types of technology use, from TV to video games to smart p and the Internet. You’ll learn more about what kids do online, their digital habits, and how it’s all affecting their development. It offers practical tips to help reduce your kids’ technology use (without turning your home into a war zone), and covers all you need to know about privacy issues, online safety, s, cyberbullying, digital literacy, and all those other issues you’ve ever wondered about.

Vulnerable Children $7.99
This book was written for those working with kids from compromised backgrounds, whether that be foster care, a history of a or neglect, or those who come from broken, chaotic, or dysfunctional homes. Children harboring wounds like these aren’t just like other children. They can behave in rather unusual ways and suffer from insecurities unique to their situation. Within these pages you’ll learn how a and neglect alters behavior, how to better deal with children who have attachment injuries, and how to help children overcome wounds created by past.

Picky No More: Curing Kids of Picky Eating Habits
Mealtimes have become a war zone in many household, and getting children to eat a balanced diet is a constant struggle for a lot of parents. It wasn’t always this way. Picky eating is very much a modern phenomenon, and one families don’t have to live with. This book will show you why picky eating habits develop, and how to cure your child of the dinnertime blues. Whether your kid is a mildly picky eater or one with a seriously disordered eating habit who lives off a few select junk foods while treating everything else like a cyanide pill, this book will help.

Bullying: Why It Happens & How To Stop It $4.99
Occasional teasing and taunting is an inevitable part of childhood. But when the sporadic taunt turns into bullying, it becomes a serious problem. Bullying is more than childhood shenanigans; it’s a form of a that can be every bit as harmful as any other type of child a. This book guides parents and teachers through all aspects of bullying and bullying prevention. We present a compassionate look at the problem, teaching you why it happens, about the different forms it takes, how to spot it, and how to effectively respond. It includes practical tips for parents and teachers as well as anti-bullying education for schools.


A Parent’s Guide to Divorce $7.99
Divorce isn’t easy for anyone. It’s the migraine headache of life’s hassles. But children are especially vulnerable, and can suffer through a variety of emotions as they watch their world shatter into two. This book is here to offer non-judgmental, compassionate advice, helping you make the most of a difficult situation. It walks you through every aspect of the divorce process, from types of divorce to child custody and visitation arrangements to post-divorce parenting. It’s information every parent simply must have to protect their rights and help make this transition as easy as possible for children. It also includes some comforting words for parents that will help you trough the darkest times.

Blending Beautifully: The Art of Stepparenting & How To Make Your Blended Family Work $7.99
Every marriage starts with a dream. But creating a family with pre-existing children isn’t the same as starting one from scratch. Stepfamilies pose their own unique challenges, and even when things seem to be going smoothly throughout the courting period, conflict frequently erupts just as soon as this “honeymoon” period is over. In fact, problems between stepparents and stepchildren is the primary cause of divorce among blended families. Don’t let your dreams devolve into a nightmare. This book will help you avoid the common pitfalls that doom so many stepfamilies.


A Parent’s Guide To Child Safety
This book covers everything you need to know about child safety, from stranger danger and abduction prevention to fire safety, water safety, and childproofing your home. If it can hurt your kids, we’ll tell you how to keep your child safe from it. With simple safety rules and step by step instructions, we make protecting your child a breeze.

Guns for Protection?
All sorts of people have differing opinions on firearms. But whether you’re a die-hard gun enthusiast or an anti-gun pacifist, it’s often accepted as gospel truth that guns provide a legitimate means of self-defense and personal protection. This book shatters that illusion, exposing the truth behind this and many other gun myths. We’ll walk you through the evidence to show you why you and your family are far more likely to meet a violent end when you possess a gun “for personal protection.” It also explores the overall toll that guns have on society. This book is a must have resource for anyone concerned about gun violence in America.

Destroyer of Worlds: The Threat of Nuclear Weapons
Following the end of the cold war, the threat of nuclear weapons has taken a back seat to other pressing concerns in society. They’ve become the forgotten about extinction-level event. Yet the risk posed by nuclear weapons is just as potent today as it was back then. This book gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the weapons with the power to end all life on the planet.

Keeping Your Kids Away From Drugs
It’s common for parents to focus on unlikely risks (such as stranger abductions) while neglecting problems that are far more threatening. Substance abuse is one of those risks parents don’t pay nearly enough attention to. Drugs and alcohol can derail your child’s life like nothing else can, and every year they kill more kids than any sadistic community predator could ever dream of. It’s also a risk that, unlike others, is immediate and certain, since every child will encounter these substances sooner or later. This book can help ensure your child doesn’t become one of the growing crowd of people struggling with addiction. You’ll learn when kids first start using (it’s often much sooner than you think), why they do drugs, the different types of substances youth are experimenting with, and how to go beyond the basic “don’t do drugs” speech to safeguard your child from addiction.

Health & Well-being

Truth In Medicine $9.99
Ever wonder why prescription drugs cost so much? Curious about how well the dugs you’re taking actually work? This book explores the prescription medicine industry, exposing those uglier truths pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know about. We explore everything from how drugs interact with the body to produce their various effects to the price gouging, dirty marketing habits, and outright fraud committed by pharmaceutical companies. It’s information no patient can afford to be without.

Toxic Childhood $7.99
Our world is awash in man-made chemicals. Most people assume that these chemicals have been thoroughly tested and proven safe before they are ever put into commercial use. Reality is just the opposite. Chemicals are considered safe until proven otherwise, and of the 100,000 or so chemicals in commercial use today, only a tiny fraction have had any sort of extensive testing on how they affect human health. With every day that goes by, more and more evidence emerges linking these substances to everything from birth defects and early puberty in girls to various health problems, including cancer. What you don’t know may be slowly killing you and your children. Get this book and learn how to better protect your family from this toxic onslaught.

Family Sleep Handbook $7.99
Are bedtimes a nightmare in your household? Is your newborn steadily turning you into a zombie? Do you wish you and your children could get a better night’s rest? You can! Sleep difficulties are one of the most common struggles families face, and this book offers solutions for pretty much all of them, from bedtime hassles and sleep problems in children to curing your own sleep difficulties.


Healthy, Fit Families
Obesity rates are climbing for children and adults alike, bringing skyrocketing rates of chronic illness alongside our ever-expanding waistlines. Fortunately, most people realize there’s a serious problem. Unfortunately, trying to lose weight or maintain healthy habits is a monumental challenge for many families. This book will detail how Americans started packing on the pounds, showing you how to better program your body and lifestyle to lose weight and stay fit without resorting to oppressive diets.

Psychology & Mental Health

Understanding & Overcoming Eating Disorders $7.99
Approximately 1 in 8 women and girls will suffer from a diagnosable eating disorder sometime during their life, making them one of the most common mental health disorders. They’re also one of the most mysterious, both for those affected and the people who love them. This book will shed light on the dark corners of anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. It will walk you through the psychology involved and help you or your loved one overcome these conditions. Written for sufferers, family members, and therapists alike, the material is sophisticated enough for mental health professionals yet simple enough for everyone to understand.

Child Mental Health Handbook $4.99
A reference for pretty much everything you need to know about mental health in children and teens. This book explores the different causes of psychological problems, how a diagnosis is made, and different types of therapeutic techniques. It also includes expansive information on all the most common childhood disorders. If you’re a parent or professional dealing with children who have psychological or behavioral issues, you’ll gain valuable knowledge that will help you better advocate for the children in your care.

Overcoming Depression $7.99
Depression is the most common psychological disorder in the developed world, affecting around 1 in 5 Americans at any given moment. If depression has enveloped your life or the life of someone you love, this book is sure to help.

Inside you’ll learn about the different causes of depression and why depression is as much a social and environmental problem as it is a personal one. There are chapters on psychotherapy, the truth about antidepressants, and alternate forms of depression treatment, such as herbal supplements and specialized diets. We outline ways that family members can better assist a depressed loved one. We’ll show you how to fix the thought distortions that contribute to depression. Most of all, we’ll outline changes in your life both big and small that will help lift the dark curtain of despair for good. Don’t waste another second on despair. Learn how to start living a more fulfilling life today.

Young & Anxious: Helping Kids With Anxiety Disorders $7.99
Childhood anxiety is on the rise, and kids seem to be growing more and more anxious by the day. This book will help you understand anxiety disorders in children and teens, and tell you what can be done about it. Included are activities and exercises that will lower stress, build up your child’s confidence, and help them tackle life with much less anxiety.

Trauma & Recovery

The Resilient Mind $7.99
Life is full of painful experiences. But the real tragedy is that much of the misery we endure is self-created; a result of distorted thoughts and perceptions that leave us feeling much more upset for far longer than we ever needed to be. Stuff happens, and people react. But seldom do we give much thought about +why+ we react the way we do.

This book will help you become stronger and more resilient in the face of adversity. Embark upon a journey through the inner recesses of your mind, to learn how limited information, tricks in perception, and various thought distortions keep you trapped in painful places. It’s no exaggeration to say that 80% of your suffering or more–past, present and future–can be wiped away by the knowledge you’ll derive from this book. It will pay its cost many thousands of times over in what you’ll save in psychotherapy!

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How To Overcome Anything $7.99
This is our all-purpose recovery handbook; a how-to manual for coping with life’s difficult situations. Designed to be a companion book to +The Resilient Mind,+ this book offers practical guidance in self-help therapy and recovery. You’ll learn how to deal with painful memories and how to put a stop to intrusive thoughts and rumination. There’s a chapter for each and every negative emotion, full of practical advice you can apply towards any situation. We’ll show you mental imagery, visualization exercises, and writing/art/nature therapy activities that can help you overcome whatever negative event you might be dealing with. It’s like a therapist’s office wrapped inside a book, with help available 24/7 whenever you need it!

Child Trauma & Recovery $7.99
Life happens to young and old alike, and children are certainly not exempt from life’s traumas. That’s the bad news. The good news is that when something unfortunate happens to a child, it isn’t the t that determines their long-term welfare. It’s how you respond to it that matters.

This book will help you guide children though t both big and small, from car accidents and family struggles to child a, v, and other traumatic experiences. Intended to be a universal handbook for healing all types of hurts in children, it discusses important psychological principles of t and recovery, then details an assortment of exercises and therapeutic techniques that can be applied to just about any situation to help children heal.

Bereaved Children $9.99
Death is a fact of life some children are forced to confront all too soon. This book will help caregivers find the right ways to help them through it. It offers guidelines for dealing with all types of loss; everything from the death of a grandparent to how to address a parent’s s. You’ll learn about children’s comprehension of death, how to talk with them about the subject, how to deal with common grief symptoms, and how to help the bereaved child get started down the path towards recovery. It includes a number of grief exercises and other projects you can do as a family.

Helping Kids Recover From Sexual Abuse: A Guide for Parents & Professionals $9.99
If you just found out that your child has been molested, what you do now is far more important to their long-term welfare than anything that might have been done to them in the past. Unfortunately, many parents (and most professionals) get this next part horribly wrong, doing things that aggravate rather than heal the injury. This book will help you avoid these mistakes, peeling back the veil of sexual assault hysteria to provide comfort to parents and practical advice for healing children.

Mean people suck, and unfortunately, the world is full of them. So we created this book to help teens and adults alike cope with the bullying, persecution, and cruelty others might send their way. With its comforting words, inspirational essays, personal stories and helpful advice, it offers much needed perspective for those who find themselves the target of scorn by small-minded people.

Child Maltreatment: A Cross-Comparison
The topic of child abuse gets a lot of media attention, but few people have an accurate and well-rounded understanding of the subject. Certain types of adverse experiences are hyped-up and heavily dramatized, while many other more common (and more harmful ) problems are entirely ignored. This book provides an exhaustive examination of child maltreatment, covering both conventional forms of abuse (such as physical abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse ad neglect), along with adverse experiences that can be just as harmful yet aren’t typically classified as abuse, such as divorce, parental abandonment, poverty, domestic conflict, placement into foster care, and many others. It’s a must-read for anyone concerned about the welfare of children, and a valuable resource for all professionals who work with kids.

Miscellaneous Books

All the World’s a Ponzi Scheme
After multiple crises in recent years, many have woken up to the fact that world economies are inherently unstable. Unfortunately, most people still don’t grasp just how precarious this world of ours really is. The entire world system is basically one gigantic Ponzi scheme, funneling wealth from the bottom to the top while chewing through natural resources at a wildly unsustainable rate. Capitalism is a system that’s been destined to fail from its day of inception, since it requires perpetual growth in order to function, and infinite growth simply cannot occur on a planet with finite resources. This book will take you behind the curtain to show you the problems inherent to economic machinery that the powers that be don’t wan you to see. It’s a must-read or anyone concerned about their family’s economic welfare or the world we’re leaving to our children.

The Myth of Progress
Have you ever had the feeling that something about life isn’t quite right? That this world we inherited is a little bit (or a lot bit) off? How many of you are told you’re living the “American dream,” yet find this stress filled “dream” leaves much to be desired?

Of all the myths perpetuated by modern society, none are more entrenched than the myth of progress–the idea that human civilization has been progressively marching forward, and that people living today enjoy more freedom, safety, security, health, happiness, and prosperity than those that came before. This book shatters that illusion. It will take you on a trip through history and other cultures showing you how we got here, where we’re headed, and why our current existence isn’t as ideal as we’re led to believe it to be. Most importantly, it provides a treasure trove of cross-cultural knowledge that will shed new light on our current problems, helping illuminate a path towards a more fair, happier, and sustainable society.



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