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We’ve developed a number of therapeutic trauma resources for kids that will help children recover from traumatic experiences both big and small. These free and low cost resources are designed to help children heal from difficult experiences in a way that promotes compassion, empathy, forgiveness, and a positive mental outlook.

Kids books about trauma

A Tale for Tough Times
This book is like a warm embrace for children in distress, no matter how big or small their problems may be. It acknowledges life’s hardships while offering a message of comfort and hope for the future. (only $4.99)

If People Were Perfect
This book is designed to help kids better understand the hurtful things others do. It promotes empathy and compassion while alleviating anger by framing hurt as an unintended consequence of imperfect people acting in imperfect ways.

Whispers Within A Rainbow
This book uses rainbow analogies to teach kids about empathy, kindness, strength, perseverance and resiliency. Although more of a general purpose book, it nonetheless covers some concepts that are important for trauma recovery.

Therapeutic Workbooks for Kids
These therapeutic workbooks/coloring books are based on the principles of cognitive therapy, teaching children important principles for trauma recovery:

Pain in Perspective
Humans have a natural tendency to dwell on the bad and inflate the significance of negative experiences. This printable coloring book and workbook counteracts that tendency, helping children put painful experiences in their proper perspective.

Many Mirrors of Truth
This is a printable coloring book that teaches children about different perspectives. It comes with an accompanying 4-page worksheet that will help children apply this lesson to the hurtful deeds committed by others.

Wounded Puppies Coloring Book
Most of the hurt we experience comes at the hands of other people. This social intelligence workbook helps kids understand that hurtful deeds come from insecure people with unfulfilled needs, promoting a more compassionate mindset toward others.

Therapeutic Coloring Sheets
Coloring can be a soothing, stress-relieving activity for young and old alike, and each of the coloring sheets linked below comes with an inspirational message that provides comfort and perspective during difficult times. Have your kids color the picture and then read them the lesson for a quick, soothing activity.

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