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Some of the most pertinent dangers are those that are the easiest to overlook. One such overlooked risk comes from falling tree branches, which consistently snatch away the lives of several dozen children every year. Typically downed in storms or by heavy snow, they crash through roofs and crush children in the homes below.

Last week we saw at least 2 such deaths within a span of 24 hours as a winter storm swept through the Southeast. A 5-year-old boy in Georgia died after heavy rains and winds caused a tree to fall on his home. In Townsend, Tennessee, a 7-year-old girl was also killed after heavy snow caused a tree branch to snap and fall on her home.

While you can’t control the weather, you can mitigate this risk. It’s a good idea to prune away branches that hover above the house, especially those extending over your child’s room. Also be sure to clear away old dead trees that are within falling distance of your home, since dead or weakened trees are typically the first to go in a storm.