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Drowning is one of the leading causes of death and disability in young children, and kids 4 and under are most at risk. They’re also a difficult age bracket to reach. Small children don’t yet understand the danger, and they can slip away in a second and get themselves into trouble. Toddlers are still learning to master language, though they comprehend a lot more than they speak. So talks about safety are generally postponed until later. By that time, unfortunately, for some kids it will already be too late.

This book was created to help bridge that gap and reduce drowning among very young children. It uses simple language even toddlers can comprehend to discuss the most common drowning scenarios involving very young children: Trying to swim on their own, getting too close, reaching for a toy in the water, and so forth.

To be clear: This book is not a replacement for pool fences and proper supervision. But no parent is perfect, and drowning opportunities are everywhere: the backyard, the pool, the park, even mall fountains, ponds and puddles. So until your kids learn how to swim, it’s important that their ignorance not kill them. So read this book to your little ones early and often.

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